We’re the Otts. We are a recently married husband and wife team based out of Indianapolis, Indiana where we live with our two children. We love to travel and explore new places together. You want to travel and have a session somewhere magical? Hit us up, we’re always down for it. Hilary half-jokingly tells Nate that traveling is her love language.

Hilary and Nate find themselves most at peace wandering in the woods seeking out gorgeous landscapes,  walking along a beach while Hilary buries her toes in the sand, or sitting on a cliff breathing in the mountain air, as it feels like pure serenity. Nate is always enthusiastic to follow her, and as he tells her “wherever you go, I’ll go. Where you stay, I’ll stay”. 

Hilary’s  fondest childhood memories were playing in the dirt in the woods behind my house, picking gorgeous wildflowers, and dreaming what it could be like living out there until the sun went down. One of her favorite parts of shooting sessions is witnessing the most incredible sunsets. She has a wanderlust heart and is  constantly thinking of all the beautiful places  she would love to visit that fill  her soul. She traveled a lot around the country as a teenager with her family. She lost her dad when she was young, pictures and videos are literally all she has left of him. He died before she could really retain any true memories of the life he lived. She is grateful she had an aunt who candidly photographed family gatherings and holidays. At nearly at all times she had a camera in her hand when she and her siblings were kids, those images are some of her most meaningful treasures.

After her dad passed, a camera was how she healed from such tragedy in her life. She was constantly shooting beautiful landscapes and animals in their traveling adventures not believing her  eyes that these towering mountains or stunning waterfalls were really in front of her eyes. She wanted to keep those memories with her forever, and this enabled her to do so. Ever since, she has always had a camera affixed to her body in some form, and it is what led her to pursue her dream of having this business. Her childhood dream has come true in that she has the ability to capture memories and create art for her clients, just how those memories of her childhood had been captured for her.. These memories are irreplaceable, time flies by faster than we can blink.

Hilary and Nate have a heart for adventure, believe in building a relationship with their couples, and most of all having fun on wedding days being your third (and fourth) wheel. We promise to make you laugh, be in the moment with you during all the big, small, and sweet “in betweens”. We will also sing and dance the night away with you (with our terrible dance moves and all). We can’t wait to get to know you, your family, the love you share, and the story that brings us together. 

(Image courtesy of Beth Waterman Photography)